CATS Youth Basketball

Unfortunately, for this season we are not going to be unable to have a traditional youth travel season like we have in the past. There are multiple components to our travel program that we are unable to offer this year, and that's making it much more difficult to organize and carryout a successful youth season. Our plan is to start back up with our travel program next year as normal. While we are not going to be having a traditional travel season, we were approved to be able to hold skills sessions for our youth kids from December through February here at Davidson/Weaver. We will be sending details out to you all as we get closer to our start up date for that. We really want to continue to connect with our youth kids, build those relationships, and keep them active throughout the winter. And we know how important that is going to be for the kids. If you would like information directly to your email about upcoming opportunities within our youth program, please fill out the interest form linked below.


Thank you again for your patience and understanding. GO CATS!